Adriana Anzola

Yoga Fun Day Brand Ambassador South Florida


Adriana Anzola
Was born in Colombia South America in 66. She was raised, both, in Colombia and US, in the Suburbs of D.C. This, and her two very different parents, have provided her with a balanced experience in life.
Living in Joy, that is her job  Her mother “Toti” is one of her biggest influences in her life. She raised her to be spiritual, kind, of the Earth, natural, holistic… Her father’s side is professional, doctoral, political, corporate…

Living her entire life as her mother showed her, Adriana Anzola also lived in the executive, corporate world while providing and raising 2 very successful, balanced, young adults. The family has lived in same home in Delray Beach Fl. for last 20 years.

During this time, she received Bowen therapy certification, essential oil certification, over 500 hour yoga certifications, kids yoga certification, transcendental meditation certification and many continuing hours of self-study, swadyaya.

Now that her kids are on their own, her passion is working with individuals, groups, corporations, adults and kids on educating and creating a specific individual plan that is true to who they are and what they like. If and as needed, with personal guidance to implement the individuals daily plan until it, organically, is part of their daily life. She also shares, via Workshops throughout the year, locally live and multimedia, on U-tube and other platforms. Creating A Total Wellness.

A Total Wellness ~ Finding Our Own homeostasis and living there, in Joy. Balancing Body, Spirit and Mind re-find and connect to our own, true homeostasis and live there, in Joy.  Balance Body, Spirit and Mind; as the all three interconnects in harmony Body- Yoga, Qigong, energy work, juicing, clean eating, clean living, CBD, MM, essential oils, Bowen therapy, grounding… Spirit- meditation, law of attraction, mindful living, end of life transition…. Mind- education, financial literacy, releasing the mind….

Creating a unified, happy Community is very important to her. She volunteers with caring kitchen feeding the needy, provides yoga to community Yoga4every1, collects food for homeless and other emergency catastrophic situations

I love and appreciate
I live with my heart
I go with the natural flow of me

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