Gali Levi-McClure

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Gali Levi-McClure

In 2008 Gali embarked on a journey to find peace. Growing
up in Israel, she was determined to find ways to promote peace from the inside-out. She traveled the world to study Yoga and meditation in India, Africa, Central America, and eventually in the United States. Yoga became not only a tool for personal growth, inner-peace, flexibility and strength, but a transforming practice that can heal individuals, communities, and hopefully, entire nations.

With over a decade of experience working with kids, Yoga and meditation, Gali created Mini Yoga Club in 2014 to share the benefits and joy of yoga with the next generation. She believes that the teachings of yoga from an early age will bring more just, kind and peaceful world.

Thank you for joining our efforts to make our world a peaceful place to live in, TOGETHER.

In every Mini Yoga Club class we learn yoga through stories, music, games, movement, creative-play, and lots of imagination!

Mini Yoga Club is a fun-based Yoga program. We emphasize collaboration over competition. Our goal is to share the values of mindfulness & kindness through Yoga movement. We use our unique & creative curriculum and props to share the joy and benefits of Yoga with kids everywhere.

Yoga classes are available for after-school programs, enrichment classes, and private events. For children age 2.5 and up.

Mindfulness for Kids- Workshop for educators

WEBSITE:  Miniyogaclub.com


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LOCATION: Santa Clara, CA, San Diego, CA

Mini Yoga Club