Lizzie Davila

Director of Sales and Marketing

About Lizzie


Lizzie is Director of Sales and Marketing.  Lizzie has over 5 years experience bringing health and wellness festivals in South Florida and in European nations. She lived in a small, nit community of Cambridge, UK where she became involved with volunteering at the nursing homes providing entertainment and friendship to the seniors at the homes. There was a noticeable difference in the demeanor of the seniors when she would come to visit. Right there and then she realized the real need to bring the community together. She built a small team of students from her university to go weekly to visit the senior citizens.  That is where her dream to host health and wellness festivals was created.

Community means everything to her. You can’t build it without a group of people that interact differently with one another to create a foundation. Her greatest desire is to draw our community together with love, fun, passion, and friendships. She wants to draw in local citizens with local business so we can all support one another. It’s like that phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child”.


Lizzie finds her equanimity in Yoga and has been a dedicated student and practitioner ever since Yoga found her in 2006. In 2016, she completed her training through Kula Yoga Shala and is 200 hour RYT verified through Yoga Alliance. She views teaching as a privilege and an honor, providing a welcoming and warm space for all to enjoy and share in their practice. Yoga is having equanimity with the mind, body, and spirit and her class are designed around just that.

Her classes are created to allow each student to explore inwardly to gain introspection, healing, and renewal in a safe, judgement-free space. She teaches Hatha Yoga classes that include gentle pranayama, mindful-meditation, mantra-chanting, and asana with the intention to open the body to allow subtle energy to flow throughout for a transcendent experience of deep oneness with a universal level of consciousness.

Lizzie can also be found leading all inclusive luxury pamper me SoFlow Yoga Retreats in South Florida, Vermont and Cruises with Sam the Founder of Yoga Fun Day.  Join us on one of our upcoming retreats.



Director of Sales and Marketing | Yoga Teacher | Retreat Leader