Robin Jaffe


Robin has a background in holistic nutrition, recreation, personal training and group exercise leadership that she brings to her 4 years of teaching yoga. She currently teaches corporate yoga throughout the Bay Area as well as bringing yoga, meditation and mindfulness to youth in preschools, charter schools, and high schools. She is also co-leader of the yoga teacher training program at College of San Mateo. Robin is passionate about making yoga accessible for all and honoring the intention of yoga, union of body mind and spirit. She brings a light, playful, safety and alignment based approach to her teaching and guidance.

Partner Yoga: In partner yoga, we foster trust and communication with one another. In support, find alignment, balance & focus to experience yoga in a whole new light. Come with a friend/ partner or meet someone new and share your practice through breath, play & movement. We will end the practice with guided thai massage techniques for deeper relaxation.

Yinyasa: Discover the dualities in the body and mind. This class is a hybrid of yang (active vinyasa yoga) with yin (passive yoga). We will begin with gentle yin yoga postures to drop into the connective tissues, fascia, joints and bones. Then, we’ll move into a slow flow vinyasa to warm the muscles and round out to close with more yin poses.

Create more space and integrity in the joints and release blockages to internal energy flow/prana.



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