Shana Han

Chan Meditation

Shana Han is the founder and CEO of Hansderma, Inc. She has successfully established her business on her own after moving to the United States in her late 20s. She is now a frequent speaker and meditation instructor at various conferences and expos. For the past years, Shana has dedicated her time to practice Chan Meditation and Mahayana Buddhism in order to overcome her personal struggles. Because she got so much out of this practice, she decided to share this wonderful experience with others. With her teacher’s help, Dharma Master YongHua, she started to teach Chan Meditation.

Chan is a central practice of Mahayana Buddhism. Chan is a word originated from the Sanskrit word Dhyana. It means “concentration”, “stillness contemplation” or “thought cultivation”. This class will provide very concrete, specific and practical advice, in contrast to vague and often inaccurate information that can be found in many meditation guides. In particular, many meditation styles claim to be a quick and easy fix. This class will represent the much more realistic position that only hard work and consistent effort will produce genuine results. At the basic level, the powerful techniques of Chan meditation will help you develop greater focus and concentration with an immediate and practical application to your life, enhancing your work and daily routines. As your concentration power grows, you will become calm and centered. You will become healthier and function more effectively at whatever you put your mind to.

Weekly Chan Classes in Downey, Whittier, Pico Rivera and Rosemead, California.

– Retreats every Summer/Winter at Lu Mountain Temple.

-Chan class available in Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

-Chan Meditation Workshops in The Yoga Expos.

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 Introduction to Chan Meditation (10 – 11:30 AM)

Chan Meditation for Yogis (12:30-1:30 PM)

Intro to Chan Meditation

Chan Meditation for Yogi's