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We are accepting applications for teaching at Yoga Fun Day 2019.  Please fill out an application and follow the instructions below.  If you are selected to teach we will notify you.  If you want to have a booth at our event or be a featured sponsor studio then please reach out to Sam directly at 561.506.1108 to discuss teaching opportunities.

We created this checklist for you to help streamline the application process and help you grow your practice. 

1. Fill out the Yoga Fun Day Teacher Registration Application Form and Agreement with all of your contact info including current mailing addresss, best phone number to reach, social media information, description of your classes, bio, etc…   Once your application is reviewed and accepted then we will send you an info packet with a checklist,  promotional materials and your Yoga Fun Day shirt that we require instructors to wear while teaching at Yoga Fun Day.  Yes, we require you to wear your instructor shirt while teaching.   

2.  Include what classes you are teaching the names of the classes, short description and best times for teaching. Most instructors teach two classes or a class and a workshop.  All classes and workshops are 90 minutes.  We will do our best to fit you in the time requested to teach but can not guarantee you that spot. The most up to date schedule will be posted on our website. Due to last minute changes we might have to switch the room you were scheduled to teach in for that day.  Please bring your cards and any promo material you have to YFD as we try to promote you as much as possible.

3. Email 1-3 high resolution photos to Sam at that we can use for your bio on our website.

4. LINK YOGA FUN DAY TO YOUR WEBSITE and  We will be checking for link backs to our site.  In order to put your profile up online and teach at Yoga Fun Day it is mandatory that you link back to our site via your website or social media profiles if you don’t have a website.

5.  LIKE yogafunday on Facebook, LIKE yogafunday on Twitter and FOLLOW yogafunday on Instagram please. Please start using the hash tag #yogafunday  in all of  your posts to help us promote our event. 

6.  Help us spread the word and invite all of your friends, students, etc to the specific Yoga Fun Day Delray Beach and Yoga Fun Day St Pete Beach event. Make sure you are logged into to your facebook account and go to this link 9-30-18 Yoga Fun Day Event on the right hand side it says, “SHARE” this is where you can share with your friends and actually go through your friend list and INVITE people to specifically like the event page.  Make sure to invite your students and fellow friends whom you think might want to come and make sure you put that you are going as well.  Please feel free to post on this event page things like, “I am so excited to be part of Yoga Fun Day Santa Clara with a pic or an image.”  This helps us build the buzz and brand engagement online.


7. Please create an events page on your website that shows where you will be teaching.  Most of our instructors already showcase where they will be teaching in the world.

8. As a teacher at Yoga Fun Day we give you a limited number of FREE tickets to sell or give away.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.  Most instructors are announcing this in classes, sending out in an email blurb, and blasting it on social media and the most successful instructors created a facebook event promoting their classes at Yoga Fun Day and used our hashtag #yogafunday.  For the best example of how to do this please visit Shy’s Facebook Yoga Fun Day Event Page from last year.  We created a short video to show  you how to redeem your tickets.  Once your paperwork and everything is signed we will send you the link.  It is easy to do, announce it in your classes, take the money (Which you get to keep)  in class and just get their first name, last name and email address which you will enter into our yoga fun day ticket system to generate an email ticket to them.

9.  Opportunity to have a booth at Yoga Fun Day at an 20 percent discount. You can sell things, promote your classes, promote your retreats and workshops etc.  You can leave your fliers in the rooms you teach as well and promote openly at Yoga Fun Day.  This is an event to connect the community and work together.  If you want to reserve a booth for only 20 percent off then you must fill out the contract information and submit your credit card authorization form that we will use to process your payment.  We will not promote your booth or put it online until we have the full payment for your booth.

10.  For event information you can always call Sam the CEO and Founder and talk to her directly at 561.506.1108.  IF  YOU WANT TO TEACH, PLEASE  FILL OUT A WAIVER FORM.  AFTER YOUR APPROVED  TO TEACH YOU WILL WORK WITH ONE OF OUR YOGA FUN DAY BRAND AMBASSADORS.



Namaste, Think Big, Love And Success Samantha

PS:  We are so excited to have you on the Yoga Fun Day Team!

PSS:  Don’t forget to share the love and link back to our sites and