Are You a Yoga Teacher?

Do you want to teach at Yoga Fun Day?


1. Fill out the Yoga Fun Day Teacher Registration Form below with all of your contact info, social media information etc…

2.  Include what classes you are teaching the names of the classes, short description and best times for teaching. We will do our best to fit you in the time requested to teach but can not guarantee you that spot. 

3. Email 1-3 high resolution photos to Sam at that we can use for your bio on our website.

4.  Link Yoga Fun Day to your website please., LIKE yogafunday on Facebook, LIKE yogafunday on Twitter and FOLLOW yogafunday on Instagram please. 

5.  Help us spread the word and invite all of your friends, students, etc to the specific Yoga Fun Day Santa Clara 9-17-17 event. Make sure you are logged into to your facebook account and go to this link 9-17-17 Yoga Fun Day Event on the right hand side it says, “SHARE” this is where you can share with your friends and actually go through your friend list and INVITE people to specifically like the event page.  Make sure to invite your students and fellow friends whom you think might want to come and make sure you put that you are going as well.  Please feel free to post on this event page things like, “I am so excited to be part of Yoga Fun Day Santa Clara with a pic or an image.”  This helps us build the buzz and brand engagement online.


6. Please digitally sign the Teacher Waiver Form.  Here is the url:

7. We give you 25 FREE tickets to sell or give away.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.  Most instructors are announcing this in classes, sending out in an email blurb, and blasting it on social media.  Right now, please just gather their first and last name, email address and phone number and we will update it with our ticketing software system.

8.  Opportunity to have a booth at Yoga Fun Day at an 80 percent discount. It is only $139 for instructors.  You can sell things, promote your classes, promote your retreats and workshops etc.  You can leave your fliers in the rooms you teach as well and promote openly at Yoga Fun Day.  This is an event to connect the community and work together.

9. Our point of contact person in the Bay Area is Kathy Waddell she is also a yoga teacher and the Yoga Fun Day Ambassador helping connect with teachers. She is your point of contact person for getting flyers for Yoga Fun Day and questions you may have about the event.  Her email address is: Her contact phone number is 650.740.0171  

Another point of contact is Lizzie our Director of Sales and Marketing. Her email address is and direct contact is 561.389.9105      

*Upload a headshot in .jpg , .png or .bmp format

(Professional high resolution are preferred)

Upload 2 other pics (optional) in .jpg/.png/.bmp format

(active yoga shots, you teaching a class, anything that captures your “essence” and uniqueness as a teacher.

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Namaste, Think Big, Love And Success Samantha