“One thing we have noticed is the amazing transformation that happens when we unplug from technology, turn off the phones and power down the laptops and get on the yoga mat.  It is magical. We want to bring this to the masses. We want everyone to experience yoga in a safe and fun environment.”

– Sam Grout Founder Yoga Fun Day



Yoga Fun Day Mission

Yoga Fun Day’s core mission is to bring yoga to the masses and create a strong community. 

You are what you eat, you are what you think.  We encourage you to foster a healthy mindset.  At YogaFun Day, we focus on a few simple principles:  

Practice Yoga – Move Your Body

Practicing yoga helps clear the mind, tone the body, and nourish the soul.  Not to mention has numerous health benefits such as healing low back pain, lowering high blood pressure and calming your mind. We are committed to help fight obesity and get people to get off the green screen and move their bodies.  Yoga Fun Day strives to create a fun filled day where you can immerse yourself in a safe space, choose from an array of classes and learn from local and accomplished teachers.  

Eat Pure Goodness

We are what we eat, and at Yoga Fun Day — and in our personal lives — we support the local farm to table movement, farmers markets and purchase organic, sustainably grown products whenever possible. We believe that fresh and local food is truly what our bodies need every day to function at our best. 

Be Green & Recycle

It is our goal to be good stewards of the earth so future generations can enjoy the wilderness, great outdoors and our natural environments.  Yoga Fun Day is committed to sustainable practices, including waste reduction, recycling, composting, the utilization of renewable energy sources and carbon offsetting.  

Step Into Your Greatness

Yoga Fun Day strives to build relationships with like-minded companies who value social good as well as the bottom line and want to bring yoga to all, fight the obesity epidemic in America, and help their employees achieve their personal best.  

Create Awareness

Many of the great challenges facing us today, from environmental damage to water pollution, food shortages and disease, can be improved or solved through mass action. But mass action requires awareness, so wherever possible, we will use YogaFun Day platform to highlight — and with luck, resolve — the most important issues of our time.  

Express Yourself

Yoga Fun Day encourages artists to display their work and we want you to step into your greatness.   We seek to find as many local artists as we can and showcase their work at Yoga Fun Day as well as foster a strong community with artists, sculptors and painters.

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”
– John Muir