Community Outreach Volunteer

Do You Want To Volunteer?

Community Outreach Volunteers:

Yoga Fun Day Community Outreach Volunteers attend their local Yoga Fun Day and help build awareness about Yoga Fun Day live one day events across the country in California and Florida. Becoming a member of our Community Outreach Volunteer team is easy and rewarding. This program offer an evangelist and brand ambassador opportunity for community members to spread the word on a grassroots level about Yoga Fun Day and also participate at Yoga Fun Day. It is free to participate, and both programs generate relationships between local health and wellness organizations, members of the yoga community, and the Yoga Fun Day team  to create a mutually beneficial experience. Contact Sam at YogaFun Day to find out more about being a Yoga Fun Day Community Volunteer or call 561.506.1108.




Community Outreach Volunteers Commitments:

  • Volunteer preferably 1 months prior to Yoga Fun Day
  • Distribute event postcards, flyers and posters to a minimum of 15 targeted locations on an ongoing basis with extra attention in the 2-3 weeks prior to event.  Locations we suggest are Lululemon, Whole Foods, Banks, Coffee Shops, REI, Health Food Stores, local gyms, local yoga studios, ice cream shops, tea stores, your church etc…
  • Spread the word via your own social media accounts using #yogafunday
  • Record your activities in a Google spreadsheet



Community Outreach Volunteer Benefits:


  • Receive 1 FREE Ticket to Yoga Fun Day ($59 value)
  • Receive 10 FREE tickets to YogaFun Day to give out to your friends and family  ($590+ value)